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BPS Facilities Ltd. is an independent company whose excellent reputation has been built on providing quality of work. With professional, polite and proficient staff we offer a complete engineering service for commercial and industrial companies, 24-hours a day.

We hold the values of trust and honesty in high regard and these are reflected in everything we do.  We deliver a high quality service by empowering our employees.




Air Conditioning



Best for Service & Quality

As a business based on providing great service at fair prices, one of our most important responsibilities is to offer people the best in terms of service and quality.


Respect for Our Envinronment

We ensure respect for our environment is embedded in our decision making. We aim to be one of the UK’s greenest contractors, not only by reducing our impact on the environment but by engaging our suppliers and others to do the same.


Making a Positive Difference to our Community

We want to make a positive difference to our communities that we work in. We aim to focus our resources where we can have the most impact. We run apprenticeship schemes and, in conjunction with local authorities, engage in local community reinvestment programs.


A Great Place to Work

Our success rests upon our work colleagues providing excellent service to our customers every day. Motivated colleagues are fundamental to our continued success, so we’re committed to giving our people the opportunity to be the best the can be.

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